Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lessons from Tango Class

  1. If you want to dance, ask someone.
  2. When you are following, follow.  When you are leading, lead.
  3. It’s better to dance together and off the music than to be on the beat alone.
  4. Don’t think; just dance. Dance with your body, and think with your brain. If you try to think with your body or dance with your brain, you will end up frustrating both – and dancing badly.
  5. It’s more important to feel good than to look good. If you feel the dance, you will dance better. Feeling good is what makes you look good.
  6. Anyone can be a partner.
  7. If there’s no one to dance with, you can dance alone.
  8. The important things are a partner’s energy and attitude. A partner’s externals, like size and height, then become a challenge, not an obstacle.  
  9. There are no mistakes because it’s improvisation.
  10. Connection is communication. You don’t need language to communicate. This includes making a joke.
  11. You can assume the other person is doing their best.
  12. When it isn’t working: slow down, relax and breathe.
  13. Collaborative problem-solving creates unity and a sense of community.
  14. Don’t be afraid to say no.
  15. Don’t be afraid to say yes.
  16. There’s always going to be someone who is a better dancer than you, and there’s always going to be someone who is worse. 
  17. Risk is what creates a space for reward.
  18. If someone doesn’t want to dance, don’t take it personally. Maybe their feet just hurt.
  19. No matter who stepped on whom, if everyone apologizes, everyone feels better.
  20. The closer you can get to your partner, the better (and harder) it can be.
  21. Try to stop when it ends.

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  1. I always have trouble prioritizing steps 14 and 15.